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The design of turbine blades is diverse. Significantly influenced by design, material selection and area of application. We have been manufacturing tools for a wide variety of requirements for over 45 years. Hence our unique know-how for the processing of blade roots, blade transitions (filets) and airfoils, which in turn represents an enormous benefit for our customers on their way to success.

The production of fastening grooves in rotors and discs is an extremely demanding machining operation in metal cutting. New, innovative methods and materials require reliable partners to successfully master this task.

We offer the "conventional" method of grooving with opening, roughing and finishing, but also the innovative grooving from IRUBA.

The areas of application are as varied as the design, size and material from which they are made. Blisk machining is a challenge for the programmer, the machine and the tool. Many years of experience make us an innovative partner.

Dental medicine has continued to develop in recent years. In addition to the classic dental technician, a new area of machining crowns, inlays and bridges has emerged. With modern CAM systems and CNC machines, as they are also known from mold making, dentures are manufactured industrially today. With all the advantages in terms of precision.

Mold making is an integral part of our history. Not even today, more than 45 years later. Our portfolio covers tools from our catalog and also innovative special solutions.