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Choosing a tool from the standard catalogue does not always ensure the required success and efficiency, owing to the widely varying requirements of the components and materials to be processed. A solution adapted to the task and the environment is the key to success. We offer our customers solutions and tools of the highest quality at fair prices.

Our portfolio currently covers the following areas:

Turbine Blade Machining

Turbine blades vary greatly in their design, choice of materials and areas of use. For over 30 years, we have been manufacturing tools for a wide range of requirements, gathering fundamental expertise in this field. This experience is of great value to our customers on the way to success.

Flow pattern and blade transitions

Blade base

Mounting grooves in rotors and discs

The machining of mounting grooves in rotors and discs is one of the most challenging procedures in metal cutting. New materials and processing techniques require reliable and innovative partners to master this task successfully.

Whether it is the “conventional” method of groove machining by opening the groove, preliminary roughing and smoothing, or the innovative groove machining by IRUBA, we have the right choice of tool for both.



IRUBA technology

Blisk machining

Their areas of use are as varied as their design, size and the material they are made from. Blisk machining is a challenge for the programmer, the machine and the tool.

In cooperation with our customers, we have gathered a wealth of experience and important insights that allow us to offer high-performance tools for blisk machining.

Tool and mould making

Mould making is integral to our developmental history and we have never lost sight of this. We support this with the innovation and quality of the tools that we offer in our catalogue, as well as with customised solutions and moulding tools.



There have been many new developments in dental medicine in recent years. Alongside the traditional dental technician, a new area of machine processing of crowns, implants and bridges has emerged. Dental replacements are now manufactured industrially with modern CAM systems and CNC-controlled machines, as used in mould making.

Together with a specialist and expert dental technician, we have designed tools that are unrivalled in terms of precision and service life.

We offer tools for a wide range of machine types. We look forward to your enquiry.